It is an alloyed tool steel group that enables the shaping of ferrous and non-ferrous materials under high temperature conditions (300-600°C) by various methods such as injection, extrusion, forging and cutting. Hot work Tool Steels, which is used in the process of forming metal-based raw materials at high temperature, is a steel group that has a remarkable usage area in today's manufacturing and mold sector. It has a wide range of uses from various household appliances to the construction industry, from machinery manufacturing to the automotive supply industry. The main criteria to be considered in the optimal selection of POLDI HOT WORK TOOL STEELS used for forging, extrusion and injection molds are; mold usage conditions, the geometry of the product to be produced, the section distribution depending on the weight of the part and most importantly the mold life depending on the number of parts to be produced. 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2365, 1.2367 and 1.2714 quality hot work Tool Steels are the materials that come to the fore in terms of usage area. The heat treatment of 1.2714 pre-hardened (40-44 HRc) hot work steels, which are widely used especially in hot steel forging processes, is successfully carried out in suitable controlled furnaces and by means of other heat treatment facilities and equipment specific to block sizes. In line with the process to be applied in steel forging dies, choosing the right steel (for example, whether the presses are Hammer or Friction) and the availability of high quality steel alternatives related to this, as well as processes that increase the life and efficiency of the die are other important issues that need to be addressed. Especially in the mold, the maintenance of the surface and engravings, the processes and controls that prevent the formation of deterioration or other possible damage during the process, are important in terms of mold efficiency and process costs. Especially in aluminum extrusion dies, 1.2344, 1.2343 and 1.2714 grades can be used in the support parts of these die systems.

In the Mold Cores of Metal Injection (Especially Aluminum) Molds; 1.2340-ESR, 1.2343-ESR and 1.2344-ESR grades are recommended for die life or high print numbers. ESR quality hot work steels; It gives successful results for mold applications where high printing numbers are required due to its homogeneous structure with high purity in terms of impurity, especially in terms of its internal structure.

Usage Areas of Hot Work Tool Steels

  • In molds where forging, casting, injection and extrusion processes of metal materials are carried out,
  • Mold Core, cores and pushers of metal injection molds, especially aluminum
  • In pressure casting molds of light and heavy metals, mold and pipe presses, inner spacer sleeves, punching punches and mandrels,
  • In hot cutting and deburring tools,
  • In welded pipe production, in welded rollers,
  • It is used in Plastic Injection Mold applications where High Cycle Number, High surface quality and wear resistance are required.

Properties Expected from Hot Work Tool Steels

  • Clean and homogeneous microstructure,
  • Ability to maintain its mechanical properties at high temperatures (hardness, yield and tensile strength)
  • High temperature abrasion resistance,
  • High temperature tempering resistance,
  • High thermal conductivity,
  • high toughness,
  • thermal shock resistance,
  • Resistant to erosion of molten metal at high temperature

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