It is an alloyed tool steel group that is produced for shaping all kinds of plastic raw materials with various methods, is resistant to abrasive plastics, can offer very high pressure and high polishability. In addition to being used for printing many plastic raw material-based products, it is also used in the mold holders of some metal injection molds.

PLASTIC MOLD STEELS, which is used in the shaping of plastic-based raw materials, is a steel group that has a significant usage area in today's manufacturing and mold sector. It is used in many other fields, especially in the white goods industry, various household appliances, the construction industry, electrical-electronic parts and automotive supply industry. PLASTIC MOLD STEELS is usually supplied to the users in the form of heat treatment hardening. This has significant advantages for users. In fact, the necessary heat treatment facilities are fully available within POLDI to obtain the appropriate steel internal structure and the desired hardness values, and all necessary conditions are met. In addition, taking into account all the demands of the customers, the special conditions required by the process are provided. In summary, technological expectations shaped in line with customer demands are met by POLDI, contributing to the technological development of the plastic mold industry.

Some of the plastic mold steel grades that we recommend to be preferred according to the properties of the plastic material used;

  • 1.2311 ISO-BM quality steel for ABS molds up to 400 mm thick,
  • 1.2738 Supreme (310-355 HB ) with high polishing ability, produced in 1.2738 quality steel or higher hardness in mold production for ABS and plastic materials that do not contain additives larger than 400 mm.
  • 1.2312 plastic mold steel with a relatively high sulfur content can be used in mold production where easy machinability is required. This steel can be used especially in mold parts that do not require high strength or mold parts where chrome plating and gloss properties are not required.
  • We have 1.2711 ISO-B and 1.2767 quality steels for molds with 310-355 HB hardness values, high Tensile Strength and good polishing quality.
  • 1.2316 mod ISO-B steel has been developed for forming plastic materials that cause high chemical erosion such as PVC and Aminoplast. In processes where high corrosion and stainless properties are required, 1.2316 steel can be used by hardening up to hardness values ​​of 265-310 HB or 52 HRC when needed.

PLASTIC MOLD STEELSnden Beklenen Özellikler

  • Clean and homogeneous microstructure,
  • Easy to process (including pre-hardened materials),
  • High abrasion resistance,
  • Resistance to high pressure of plastic raw material during operation,
  • Very good polishability
  • High corrosion resistance.

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